Press Releases

July 29th,30th & 31st 2017: Pesta  Nukenan 2017


April 3, 2015: Z’s Courage not forgotten

April 3, 2015: Forum Masyarakat Adat Dataran Tinggi visits Kuching

March 14, 2015: Tredrea and Kelabit heroes to mark Bario landing on

March 14, 2015: Eco adventure in Heart of Borneo Highlands in July

March 11, 2015: Runners Wild in the Kelabit Highlands

January 28, 2015: Rep visits flood-hit Kelabit longhouses

Sep 8, 2014: New innovations for old traditions

August 28, 2014: ‘Need to locate undiscovered sites in Kelabit Highlands’

June 27, 2014: Wanita Rurum Kelabit to relay concepts of GST to folks in the interior’

May 25, 2014: Kelabit Highlands Community Museum Development Project

April 19, 2014: Jabu visits rural picnic spot in Long Peluan

October 5, 2013: Bario rice enjoying new lease of life

October 3, 2013: Delay in completing irrigation system spells doom for Bario rice farmers

September 25, 2013: Don: Rural folk want map to determine land ownership

June 28, 2013: Highlanders nationwide show unity through sports

January 11, 2011: Borneo’s most elusive feline photographed in the Kelabit Highlands


Stay tuned for more news update.

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