Voter Registration Campaign

Kelabit Highlands Voter Registration Drive

Rurum Kelabit Sarawak (RKS) believes that today’s women and youth are a positive force for social transformation, and we aim to help enhance their participation in the democratic process by voting. Those members of our community who have registered as voters will have the opportunity to create a better future for our community in terms of economic and socio political development and progress. In light of the above, RKS is currently embarking on a Kelabit Highlands voter awareness campaign to register those who have not registered as voters to do so before the end of October 2015. Our target is to increase the number of registered Kelabit voters from the current 1,600 to 3000 voters. Even if you don’t reside in the Kelabit Highland, as long as you are 21 years old and above and one of your parents or your grand-parents is a Kelabit, or your spouse is a Kelabit, we would like you to register as a voter. The 11 new state constituencies approved by the Election Commission (EC) are Batu Kitang, Stakan, Serembu, Triboh, Gedong, Kabong, Tellian, Selirik, Murum, Samalaju and Mulu. The Mulu constituency which include the Kelabit Highland provide an opportunity for the minority communities such as the Kelabits, Penans, Sabans, Berawans, Terings and Badengs to have a more direct representation in the government. This will however be dependent on the number of registered voters and as such it is critical that we register every eligible voter to have a stronger and more visible representation to have a significant impact in the government process.

Vote Because It is Your Right

Voting is a tremendous privilege as one voter can only have one vote. It is a right that so many youth in democratic nations take for granted. You should vote because you have a right to vote and make a positive change for your community. How we vote today will determine the future of our next generation.

How to Register as a Voter in the Kelabit Highland

Rurum Kelabit Sarawak started an awareness program in 2014 through Wanita RKS in Kuching to get all eligible voters in our community to register as voters in the Kelabit Highland before the upcoming election 2016. We have set our target at 3000 new voters by October 2015 and we are half way there.

All it takes is a little bit of your time and effort to:-

1. Change NRIC address to the Kelabit Highland

For villages within Bario including Bario Asal, Arur Dalan, Bued Main Beruh, Pa’ Ramapuh, Pa' Derung, Padang Pasir, Kampung Baru, Pa’ Umor, Pa’ Ukat, Pa’ Lungan, Pa’ Mada, Pa’ Dallih, Batu Patong, and Ramudu the address will be reflected as follows:-

(Village Name)



98050 BARAM



Villages outside Bario such as Long Peluan, Long Balung, Long Banga, Long Puak, Long Lellang, Long Seridan, Pa’ Mediit and Long Napir

(Village Name)


98050 BARAM


You will be required to pay RM10 to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to process this change of address which will be reimbursed by RKS with proof of payment and photocopy of new NRIC. Please submit them to our Secretariats e-mail below:

2. Register to vote in the Kelabit Highland at Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya or the nearest post office with your updated NRIC.

3. Submit your name and NRIC number to our Secretariat e-mail above or appointed Village and Town Focal Points via Watsapp, SMS, call or email so we may update our records.

4. For those who have registered in the Kelabit Highlands, please double check if your information is reflected accordingly at


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers from the Awareness Programme 2014.

1. If I hold a foreign PR, am I still eligible to vote?

- As long as you are a Malaysian citizen (blue IC), you are eligible.

2. If I change my IC address, will this affect my mail eg bills, bank statements etc?

- No. Your IC address does not affect your mail and can be remedied by filling in your current home/postal address in the correspondence address column.

3. Every year, SPR sends me a 'yellow slip' to tell me where my polling station is. How can I get it if I change my address to the Kelabit Highland?

Simply log in to SPR website ( for updated information regarding polling stations prior to election by keying in your NRIC number

4. How do I register to vote if I'm overseas?

- You can go to the Malaysian embassy to have your IC address changed and register to vote in the Kelabit Highlands

5.What is the official address for Ulung Palang?

- Bued Main Beruh

Concluding Remarks

Should you have any other questions, you may direct them via our Secretariat Email for further clarification.We would like to emphasize that we need to make this is a concerted community effort to yield substantial new voters registration in the Kelabit Highland for the new Mulu constituency. 

TOGETHER we can make a difference and contribution positively towards future development progress of our community. WE NEED NEWLY REGISTRATED VOTERS and EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

"We have window of opportunity and it is fast closing. We must act quickly."

Dato' Isaac Lugun, President of Rurum Kelabit Sarawak


New Voter Registration Secretariats

Nelson Radu (+60138116777)

Roland Terawe (+60198886050)

Esther Balan (+60198181717)

Rona Bulan Trang (+60198446975)

Update Your Voters Registration Status With RKS

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is important for you to update the RKS Kelabit Highland New Voters registration record through the given email as soon as you have changed or registered yourself as a voter in the Kelabit Highland area in order that our Secretariat Desk can update RKS records on a monthly basis.The SPR system will only update your voter registration status after 3 months.

Upcoming New Voters Registration Activities

1) Awareness Programme in Miri 

Date: Sat May 16th 2015

Time/Venue: TBA

We encourage everyone to attend this upcoming Awareness Programme where you can participate and raise any concerns or issues pertaining to our community new voters registration drive effort.

2) Registration Drive Booth in Bario

Date: July 30th - Aug 1st 2015

Venue: Pesta Nukenen Bario, Festival Site, Bario

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