Rurum Kelabit Sarawak
Perurum Peruyung Peruyud

Rurum Kelabit Sarawak (RKS) is a Society of Kelabits in Sarawak registered on 11th May 1994 under the Societies Act 1966. It is a non-political entity and operates and conducts its business and activities as a non-governmental organisation. RKS endeavours and strive to achieve and carry out the objectives of the Association such as economics, social, sports, education, culture and arts and welfare of its members and the Community as a whole. RKS organises and hosts several major events each year to drive its various objectives. The annual Education Excellence Award (EEA) awards high achieving students from across the country and strives to improve the standard of education among the Kelabits. This year RKS will be organising the 10th Anniversary of Pesta Nukenan Bario or popularly known as the Bario Food Festival which will be held from July 30 to August1, 2015. The sports-arm of RKS, the bi-annual Highlanders Club Sports Carnival, is organised to develop new talent and to unite the Kelabit community through sports. As a community we are also embarking on ground-breaking initiatives that will propel the Kelabit Highlands and its people towards a brighter and sustainable future. Currently RKS has branches in Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Marudi and Bario. The Head Office of the association is located in Kuching, the State capital. As we move forward we look at what we can uniquely contribute to our community.


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